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Substance Abuse Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

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Drug and Alcohol
Treatment Services

Finding the right treatment center is crucial to taking your first steps towards sobriety. A successful treatment program should consider every aspect of the individual and their needs. At Faith Recovery in Beverly Hills, we understand the many factors beyond just the physical that play an important role in your recovery. Our luxury residential substance abuse programs combine evidence based therapy with luxury amenities to optimize your recovery in a relaxing and comfortable setting.

Our Program Features:

Luxury Addiction Treatment Services

World-class, evidence-based treatment for drug & alcohol abuse in Beverly Hills, California.

The first step of the process is to safely detox your body of drugs and alcohol.  Here at Faith Recovery Centers we provide a comfortable space and expert medical staff to make sure that this is the easy part.

After we’ve cleansed your system of all substances the real healing begins in our residential treatment program. Through a variety of evidence-based therapies to help you find lasting recovery from drugs & alcohol.

One of the most important aspects of addiction treatment is the process of aftercare planning. Here at Faith Recovery we work with each client to ensure they understand their aftercare plan for best results.

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Why is Addiction Treatment Needed?

Many people underestimate the importance of professional addiction treatment for substance abuse. It can be difficult for those struggling with addiction to recognize how it may be negatively affecting their lives. All too often people only seek help when addiction has taken over their entire lives. For those who do recognize their addiction but don’t want to seek professional help, they often don’t understand the complexity of addiction and the elements that need to be addressed in order to fully recover.

Addiction will find its way into your emotional health, physical health, financial stability, relationships, and professional success. Whether you’re deep into addiction or just starting to recognize the potential signs, professional treatment is the most important choice for your overall well being.

Addiction is more than just a craving for a drug. It starts from deep within and each individual will have their own complex emotional triggers, withdrawal symptoms, and long term needs. Attempting to recover alone and without professional assistance often leads to a failed recovery, relapse, or lack in emotional stability to carry out long term sobriety. Our clinically trained staff understands the multi-faceted approach needed to ensure not only a successful detox and initial recovery, but a permanent one.

Professional addiction treatment is an opportunity to understand yourself and the role drugs play in your life in such a way that will allow you to be able to overcome future obstacles instead of avoiding them with substance abuse or other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Our residential treatment services in Beverly Hills offer you more than just addiction recovery, but a chance to optimize your life.

What to Look for in a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing a rehab center. No two people are the same, so make sure you seek out a center that meets your individual needs.

First you will need to establish whether or not you feel inpatient or outpatient is best for you. Faith Recovery offers residential treatment programs so you have onsite access to all of our services at all times. We encourage patients to take part in our residential treatments as they have proven to be more effective. If you have restraints due to work or other obligations, outpatient programs can offer a successful recovery as well.

It is equally important to understand what services your treatment center offers. Those struggling with addiction often come with other complex diagnoses such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, physical and emotional trauma, and more. These other conditions and experiences play a huge role in addiction, so your treatment center should offer programs that can effectively address these in your treatment plan. Medicated assistance, holistic therapies, nutritional coaching, and other alternative treatment methods can be extremely beneficial in a treatment program so be sure your treatment center offers them.

Another important consideration is the environment. Just as the wrong environment you are in can play into the formation of an addiction, the right environment can better influence sobriety. Our luxury treatment center in Beverly Hills offers top of the line amenities and onsite accommodations to create an atmosphere that promotes health and rejuvenation.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Licensed Master Clinicians

1:1 Client to Staff Ratio

True Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Modern & Holistic Therapies

Non-12 Step Approach

Medication-Assisted Treatment

What is Luxury Treatment for Substance Abuse?

A luxury treatment center differs from a standard rehabilitation center by offering higher quality and quantity of services and accommodations. Our luxury treatment center in Beverly Hills is nestled in a beautiful location to give your body and soul a healing environment of peace and relaxation. Our residences offer relaxing aesthetics and are designed with the comfort and wellbeing of our patients in mind. Aside from the visual perks of a luxury treatment center, we offer more alternative treatments that will address your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional coaching, breathing and meditation, and yoga are just some of the treatments you can expect at a luxury rehab center. These complimentary services, typically not found at a standard rehabilitation, can aid in healing the mind and body and prevent relapse.

Our Detox Process at Faith Recovery in Beverly Hills

Our detox program has standard protocols but will be slightly adjusted to meet each client’s unique needs. Some of the things we take into consideration when mapping a detox and recovery plan include what drugs the person has taken, when the last dose was consumed, how long the addiction has been going on, and any past history of detox attempts. Our drug & alcohol detox program includes medication management, nutrition, emotional support and counseling, alternative treatments, and withdrawal supervision. 

As you make your way through the detox process,  our staff will keep a close eye on both your mental and physical health. Signs of discomfort could suggest that things aren’t progressing as they should and in that case our staff is equipped to make any changes necessary to your detox plan. Some medications and corresponding therapies  might need adjusting. We ensure that there will always be someone nearby to provide any necessary changes. We encourage and practice open communication so you always feel attended too.

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Medical detox provides the best path to sobriety. With the right tools, treatments, and staff, your detox can be more comfortable and successful than going through it alone.  Our luxury  residential detox offers high quality service with upscale amenities.  Our clients consistently achieve  high completion rates of and we take pride in our ability to make them safe and comfortable during the detox process. If you’re ready to take the first step in recovery, our detox center in Beverly Hills is here to help.

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

Did you know most major insurance plans help cover the costs of substance abuse treatment. Faith Recovery Center in Beverly Hills, California works with most major insurance carriers in order to help cover the costs of our luxury treatment program in Southern California. To find out if your insurance covers the cost of our program, call us today.


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