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Faith Recovery in Beverly Hills offers you a chance at lasting recovery from substance abuse. Our staff works hard to ensure every client is set up for success when they leave our program. Find your path to hope and healing at Faith Recovery in Beverly Hills, California.

Our Vision & Mission

At Faith Recovery Center, our mission is to help those suffering from the disease of addiction , guiding them on the path of recovery free from drugs & alcohol.

Our Dedicated Staff

World-class, evidence-based treatment for drug & alcohol abuse in Beverly Hills, California.


Elen Antonyan

Chief Executive Officere

Elen Antonyan, our CEO, has over 10+ years in the addiction treatment industry. Inspired by love and faith, she created Faith Recovery Center to help those who are struggling with addiction to be set free and be put back on a path to live a fuller and better life. She welcomes anyone who is struggling with addiction into Faith Recovery Center because she knows what it is like to be on the other side. Through dealing with addiction through family or clients, she has the skills needed to help you reach long-lasting addiction recovery.


Dr. Lisa Benya, MD


Dr. Lisa Benya is an internal medicine doctor servicing the Malibu community for many years. Her caring and compassionate approach has earned her a great reputation for being one of the area’s favorite doctors. She is a board-certified Internist who has broadened her scope to include more serious and chronic conditions including addiction medicine. Dr. Benya has been in practice for more than 20 years and affiliated with many hospitals.


Darren Lipshitz M.D.


Dr. Darren Lipshitz is an Addiction Medicine specialist who recently joined the 90265 Medical Group in Malibu. Also looking for new challenges professionally, he became Board Certified and working in the field of Addiction Medicine. He has never stopped seeing patients through primary care eyes and still has a “town doc” heart which lends itself well to the specialized field of Addiction Medicine and the complex physical and social issues often encountered.


Dr. William D. Stanley, MD


Since 2013, Dr. William Stanley has concentrated his time exclusively to the treatment of Substance Use Disorders. Prior to his move to California, he was Medical Director of both an inpatient detox unit and 2 outpatient treatment programs, all located in New Jersey. Dr. Stanley has an active license to practice medicine in both New Jersey and California.


Craig Smith M.D.


Since alcohol and drug use are leading causes of organ damage leading to the need for a transplant, Dr. Smith learned about addiction by listening to his patients. More importantly, since a requirement to receive an organ transplant is abstinence from using alcohol & drugs, Dr. Smith learned about recovery from listening to his patients. After listening over the years, pursuing self-study and continuing medical education in the field of addiction, in 2009 he decided to dedicate his career to addiction medicine.


Jason Chapman M.D.


Dr. Chapman settled in Southern California after his service in the United States Marine Corps. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton as an infantryman and deployed to the Persian Gulf before his undergraduate studies in biochemistry at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He worked as a clinical trials research associate at the City of Hope National Medical Center before completing his medical degree at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in Pomona, California.

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Faith Recovery in Beverly Hills offers you a chance at lasting recovery from substance abuse.

We're with you every step of the way.

I have been to many treatment centers before in my past none of them are as professional, clean, and caring as Faith. This program offers EMDR which can help those that have been through heavy trauma in there life like I have. This is the best program that I've been to none even compare. They have individual therapy sessions where you can really connect with your therapist. The techs really care about every client that walks through the doors. The groups are tremendous they really talk to every client individually and let them know that there opinion matters. They really care about your persecution on recovery and help motivate you to change. The owners do absolutely everything they can possibly do to help everyone feel comfortable. I've never been to a place that cares so much about you. They welcome you immediately with open arms and treat you like family. Thank y'all so much for helping me change my life for good!

James P.

I have been in addiction for over 10 years. I have been to alot of places in my time. This last year I brought my struggle to faith recovery center. I was surprised that it seemed like these people really cared about me. And throughout this year they have shown me nothing but love, kindness, help and support. After my last stay here I stayed sober for the longest amount of time in my whole life. And as I'm writing this I'm still sober. They have been there everytime I called, everytime I cried they talked to me sat me down. It has not been an easy year. But I love this place and I am eternally grateful for the help they have given me. To be able to be a better father, friend, son and a better man.

Kyler C.

Saved my daughter's life! The owners of Faith, Elen and Lucy along with their amazingly supportive staff literally saved her life. They took her when she was at her bottom and showed her how to live and be a person again. They fought for her when she had no fight left. They provided a safe haven where her true recovery began. When she decided she was ready to commit, Faith made sure all issues were addressed and appropriate treatment was provided. When they discovered that she was the victim of domestic abuse, they protected her and incorporated additional therapy to assist her. She is sober, safe, and responsible. For the first time in 10 years, I can actually sleep. If it wasn't for Faith, I would not be writing this, I would be writing my 25 year old daughter's obituary. Thank you for shining your light on my daughter's path. Thank you for making sure she knows her life is worth living. Thank you!

Donna K.

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

Did you know most major insurance plans help cover the costs of substance abuse treatment. Faith Recovery Center in Beverly Hills, California works with most major insurance carriers in order to help cover the costs of our luxury treatment program in Southern California. To find out if your insurance covers the cost of our program, call us today.


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